Welcome to and thank you for visiting. (kunzt) is committed to providing you an enjoyable experience while maintaining your privacy. The information that we collect and store, helps us to enhance your shopping and browsing experience and provide you with information that is specific to your needs and preferences. Please read this entire Privacy Policy which will inform you about the types of information we collect, as well as how we will store, use and protect such information. By visiting the Site, you are agreeing the terms of our Privacy Policy. This privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") covers the kunzt website (the "Site") located at and is part of our Terms of Use Agreement.

The following Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which kunzt and other related material or sites where this Policy is published (hereafter “we” or “us”) — will handle your personal data. This Policy affects all those users who have subscribed to our website from the moment of the their subscription following their acceptance of the Policy itself – and is valid from november 1st 2005. We reserve the right to amend or update this Privacy Policy. Modifications will affect every user. Those who have already subscribed will be notified of such changes. Data controller By using our services you accept the following: Kunzt has the right to use your personal data and may transmit and process personal data in order to deliver its services, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and the present Privacy Policy.

How we collect information

You may browse our website anonymously, without having to provide your personal data. By signing up to our website and/or providing personal data you lose your anonymity and agree to the collection and use of your personal data, in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Policy. We may collect and record the following personal data: name, email address, address and telephone number, on occasion — depending on the service that has been used — financial information, i.e. credit card number or account number; information regarding transactions based on your website activity (i.e. offers, purchases, content related to your account); information regarding shipping, invoicing and other information you provide in order to buy or send; email correspondence sent through or to our website and to its administrators; information obtained from your interaction with our website, services, content and publicity, such as information about computers and connections, statistical surveys regarding the number of contacts, website traffic, advertisement data, IP address and standard information regarding access to Internet; further information that you may be asked to provide in order for us to verify authenticity of your identity or prevent, regulate, contrast and remove violations of our website’s policy, abuse, violation of law, fraud attempts. In order to verify your identity we may also resort to other legitimate methods; information acquired from other companies, i.e. demographic data and browsing data; further information you provide of your own free will.

Commercial activity

We will not sell or transmit your personal data to third parties for profit without your explicit consent but, in order to guarantee the services we offer, we will use the necessary methods for handling data. We reserve the right to process data, associate and relate this information with other companies’ data or sites in order to improve the quality of our services and their customisation, our website’s content, advertising offers, promotion of events, goods or content. If you do not wish to receive commercial communications from our website or have us collect your data in order to improve the quality of our services you must indicate so when accepting our Privacy Policy by ticking the appropriate box. Those unwilling to receive such information may also inform us by following the instructions found in every commercial communication.

Use of personal data

We collect personal data in order to provide a safe, user-friendly, efficient and customized service. By accepting this Policy you authorize us to use your personal data for the following purposes: provide services and assist clients at their request; solve controversies, collect fees and define issues; prevent potentially forbidden or illicit activities and ensure our Terms and Conditions are respected. customize, evaluate and improve our services, content and website publicity; inform you about our website’s services and activities and of those of related companies and third parties, send commercial communications, service updates and promotional offers, in accordance with the preferences you express and your website activity; verify, also with third parties, that data you provide is correct.

Communication and transmission of personal data

We reserve the right to transmit personal data in order to fulfill legal requirements, enforce laws and regulations, deal with contentions and in all those cases in which data you provide or your website activity violate the rights of our website, of its administrators, of other users and third parties and when transmission of personal data is needed to defend rights, property and safety of users, our website, its administrators and third parties.

We can share your personal data with: other companies under our authority or related to us and with which we collaborate in order to guarantee the delivery of our services, offer content and connected services (i.e. registration, transactions and client assistance), identify and prevent potentially illicit activity and guide you in your choice of products, services and information. These companies will use your data to send commercial information only following your explicit request; service providers who collaborate with our business activities and are bound to us by contract and other third parties to whom we provide information following your explicit request or to whom you have agreed to transmit your data; the police force or public authorities in order to fulfill a request regarding criminal investigations or possible illicit activity. In such cases we will transmit information and data necessary to carry out investigations, such as name, city, postcode, telephone number, email address, ID timeline, IP address, complaints for fraud and timeline of offers and other personal website activities; other companies, following possible acquisitions or fusions between kunzt and/or other companies under our authority and the other companies in question (in this case we will insist on the new company handling your personal data in accordance with the present Policy. If the company to which your data is transmitted does not intend to respect this Policy you will be informed appropriately and will have the right to withdraw from the Privacy Policy and have your personal data deleted). With the exception of the above mentioned cases we will not transmit your personal data without having verified the presence of at least one reason or circumstance, among those mentioned in this Policy, that allow transmission of personal data. Use and sharing of data IDs can be chosen by website users or assigned following registration. They will appear throughout the website, be linked to your activity and be visible to the public. Your purchases of goods or services will not be made public, except for those cases in which data related to purchases must be unveiled by order of authorities to prevent, contrast, investigate illicit or allegedly illicit activities and guarantee that rights of third parties and other website users are respected. If you access our website from a public computer or Internet point some of your information may be viewed by those who will use the computer after you. Therefore, when using a public computer or a computer belonging to others to access our website, you should logout after browsing, remove your data and delete cookies and timeline. We will not guarantee protection, safety and respect of personal data you choose to share with other users and/or with third parties, in any case not provided for in this Policy. You are required to follow the instructions outlined in this Policy and inform us of possible different forms of sharing, transmission and use of personal data, provided that these activities are related to our website’s services and/or service requirements. In case of transactions, we reserve the right to use and transmit your data to our suppliers and sellers in order to guarantee successful transactions, shipping, payments, restitutions and refunds.

You have the right to use information provided by other users, sellers and advertisers for the following purposes only: transactions made through or promoted by our website and other commercial activities related to our website; use of services offered through our website or other purposes you expressly accept and which are indicated on our website.

Cookie policy

We place cookies (simple text files stored on users’ hard drives) on certain web pages in order to analyse website traffic, customize our services, content and advertisements, test the effectiveness of promotions and guarantee reliability and safety.

These cookies can remain stored in your computer after browsing has ended or, in some cases, be automatically deleted after log out. Cookies allow websites to remember choices made by users. Therefore, in some cases, you may avoid entering information, passwords and data previously inserted. Cookies can be refused and deleted. If you do not allow cookies to be used, access to our website or to some of its pages and/or use of some of our services could be limited or precluded. You may also receive cookies inserted by third parties into some of the web pages over which we do not have direct control (i.e. personal pages that could be created by advertisers or galleries etc.)


Spamming — unsolicited mailing of commercial and advertising material and information – is forbidden. In order to help us communicate smoothly with you, you should set up your preferences related to email communications, in accordance with the procedures set forth by this Policy.

You are not authorized to include addresses of other users, of our website and its administrators in lists of email or postal addresses without express consent of those concerned. You cannot use email or postal addresses found on our website for commercial purposes or other purposes not authorized by the owners or users of those addresses. You are requested to report spamming or other activities forbidden by this Policy to us.

We can place on file correspondence with our website, correspondence between users or produced through our website, however preservation and archiving of correspondence are not among our duties.

Protection of personal accounts

Passwords provided by us or chosen by you will allow access to accounts and use of some of our services and web pages. If you choose to give your password to others we will not be considered responsible for possible violations or illicit activities concerning your account or carried out through it. As the owner of your account, you will be considered responsible for any activity carried out through it. Therefore, if your password has been compromised you should inform us, modify it and take the necessary measures in order to avoid illicit use of your account and of our website.

Access, control and modification of your personal data

You may modify your personal data or require us to do so on your behalf. You must inform us of changes of data and address. Messages forwarded through our website cannot be modified or deleted after being sent or published, except in specific cases provided for. If you require us to delete your account and data we will see to this promptly, except for those cases in which annulment involves violations of this Policy, law and authorities’ orders. We may preserve your data in order to guarantee delivery of our services, successful transactions, prevent or contrast illicit activities, protect rights of third parties, of the website and its administrators.

Collecting information from children

This Site is not designed nor intended to be attractive to use by children under the age of 18 ("Minors"). We do not knowingly collect information from Minors. If you are under the age of 18, you are not authorized to use this site so please do not submit any information to us.

Data protection

Your data is preserved on servers which we use in order to maintain and make sure the website functions properly. We take every possible measure to protect your data, prevent illicit access to databases and servers and every other illicit activity that may compromise data, though we are aware that security systems can be broken and security measures nullified.

Further instructions

Unless otherwise indicated, this document applies only to the use and transmission of data provided directly by you. If you give your personal data to third parties through our website or through other websites, use and transmission of data could be subject to other policies. We do not control privacy policies of third parties and you will be subject to third parties’ privacy policies if applicable. We may modify at any time the content of this Policy by publishing a new version on our website. The new Terms and Conditions will come into effect 15 days after the date of publication.

If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy you may contact us at, or write to us at Kunzt Gallery - Costa de Jose Ignacio - Garzon - Uruguay