Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


Peter Nagy | Four Cancer Logos | Lithograph available for sale on

Four Cancer Logos, 1988


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Peter Nagy

Four Cancer Logos, 1988

Édition Limitée


USD 1,800

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In 1981 Patti Aster opened the first art gallery in East Village. She helped launch the careers of several various artists and musicians. It all started out as a small gallery, but began to gain popularity and pop up more frequently, and eventually making East Village the starting point for other art movements such as Neo-Expressionism and Street Art. The Gallery closed in 1985 due to loss of interest.

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Robert Rauschenberg

Stoned Moon, 1969

Édition Limitée


EUR 9,500

Bert Stern

Contact Sheet, date unknown



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Chintan Upadhyay

Before She Was Discovered 1, 2007


Huile sur toile

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Sonia DELAUNAY | Project de couverture | Gouache available for sale on kunzt gallery

Sonia Delaunay

Project De Couverture , 1969

Dessin / Aquarelle


EUR 5,500

Genieve FIGGIS | Pink Sky | Pigment print available for sale on kunzt gallery

Genieve Figgis

Pink Sky, 2015

Édition Limitée

Impression pigmentaire

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Gerhard RICHTER | P17 Tulips | Glicée printing available for sale on

Gerhard Richter

P17 Tulips, 2017

Édition Limitée

Impression Giclée

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John Baldessari

Smoke, Tree, Shadow And Person, 2011

Édition Limitée

Impression numérique sur papier

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