Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


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Selfie with political causes

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Gay Black Cats MC

Grayson PERRY | House of Love Shrine | Mixed Media available for sale on

House of Love Shrine, 2017

Edition of 50 - Stainless steel shrine with loose steel figures - Signed on accompanying COA - In e (...) Show More

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Grayson Perry

House Of Love Shrine, 2017

Sculpture / Object

Mixed Media

GBP 6,620

Grayson Perry

Gay Black Cats MC, 2017

Limited Edition Print

Mixed Media

GBP 5,450

Grayson Perry

Selfie With Political Causes, 2018

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available

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What is activist art?

Activist art is art created to address social and political issues. It is a kind of performance art because it is presented in public, working closely with the community which will create it. One example could be creating and posting social protest fliers in exhibition.

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Pigment print

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Gerhard RICHTER | P17 Tulips | Glicée printing available for sale on

Gerhard Richter

P17 Tulips, 2017

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Glicée printing

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