Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


Michael Dweck | Sonya Getting Dressed in Gilles Truck | Gelatin Silver Print available for sale on

Sonya Getting Dressed in Gilles Truck, 2002


Sonya Getting Dressed In Gilles Truck, Trailer Park, Montauk, New York

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Michael Dweck

Wendy At The Panoramic View, Montauk, 2002


Gelatin Silver Print

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What is Environmental Art?

This is a collective term used to refer to a wide range of arts and practices that include the historical and ecological approaches to artistic works. The term often encompasses the ecological concerns though it is neither certain nor specific on this. It acknowledges and appreciates the early history environmental art movement as well as the art with a lot of activist concerns not forgetting the art that celebrates the connection between nature and the artist by use of natural materials.

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Genieve FIGGIS | Pink Sky | Pigment print available for sale on kunzt gallery

Genieve Figgis

Pink Sky, 2015

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Pigment print

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Gerhard RICHTER | P17 Tulips | Glicée printing available for sale on

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P17 Tulips, 2017

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John Baldessari

Smoke, Tree, Shadow And Person, 2011

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Digital Print on paper

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