Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


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Act III, Scene 3

William KENTRIDGE | No Idea Thought Image | Screen-print available for sale on

No Idea Thought Image, 2016


Screenprint on a numbered page of a Mining Company, South-Africa. - Signed in red pencil

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William Kentridge

No Idea Thought Image, 2016

Limited Edition Print


EUR 800

William Kentridge

Act III, Scene 3

Limited Edition Print

Mixed Media

EUR 3,500

William Kentridge

Medusa, 2001

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available

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What is Process Art?

It refers to creative sentiment as well as artistic movement where the final product of craft and art is not the artist's principal focus. The term "process" in this art refers to art formation, gathering, the sorting, associating, collating, initiation and patterning of proceedings and happenings. It is concerned with the actual deed and the defining of actions as actual artwork; seeing it as purely human expression. Process art mostly entails inherent motivation, intentionality and rationale. This art is therefore, viewed as a creative process or journey rather than being an end product or a deliverable.

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Pierre ALECHINSKY | Peau neuve | Lithograph available for sale on kunzt gallery

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Peau Neuve, 1973

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Sonia DELAUNAY | Project de couverture | Gouache available for sale on kunzt gallery

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Project De Couverture , 1969

Drawing / Watercolor


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Genieve FIGGIS | Pink Sky | Pigment print available for sale on kunzt gallery

Genieve Figgis

Pink Sky, 2015

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Pigment print

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Gerhard RICHTER | P17 Tulips | Glicée printing available for sale on

Gerhard Richter

P17 Tulips, 2017

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Glicée printing

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