Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch



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Antonio Dias is perhaps Brazilian’s most prominent contemporary artist. His art is a lush, sensual and ironic fusion, reflecting on topics such as political oppression, sex, violence, the police state and war. He uses a wide array of media – including drawing, sculpture, video, performance, installation and painting – to convey political and societal critique.
« I always protest when I’m accused of being Pop—it’s not my part. »
Antonio Dias
Antonio Dias was a part of the neo-concrete, tropicália and minimalism movements, and although he had no knowledge of American pop art until he moved to Milan, his work greatly resembles some of the key features of the movement. Originally working with abstract sculptures, the Brazilian artist’s media of choice became paper and canvas after taking engraving lessons with Oswaldo Goeldi in the late 1950s.
« When I first saw American Pop, I said ‘O.K., it’s nice, but it says nothing inside it. Its images are like any other images. »
Antonio Dias

Shortly after, his art career took off with works eminent for their red, black and white colourings, and three-dimensional elements. He actively took part in the neo-concrete and tropicália movement Read More

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Antonio Dias

Navegador, 2015

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Antonio Dias

Without Title , 1944

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What is Performance Art?

What is Performance Art?

Performance presented within the context of fine art that is traditionally interdisciplinary. It may be scripted or unscripted, random or orchestrated carefully; spontaneous or may carefully be planned without the participation of the audience. Performance can be through the media or live and the artist performing can either be present or not. The situation can involve the four basic elements: space, performer's body/his presence through a medium, time and performer-audience relationship. Artwork constitutes actions of a group or an individual at a particular time and space.

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Brigitte Bardot With Cigar On The Set Les Petroleuses, 1971


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Robert MANGOLD | Untitled from

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Untitled From "4x4x4", 1990

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