Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch



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John Armleder is a painter, critic, curator, and performance artist from Switzerland. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Armeder’s work displays themes of suprematism and minimalism. He has also done pieces that incorporate Neo-Geometric Conceptualism which involves geometric qualities. Most of his pieces display bright, eye-catching colors in neat abstract expressionist designs.
« Intentions -- I never have any, and if I had one, I'd be inclined to forget about it »
John Armleder
Armleder typically uses paints and clay for his paintings and sculptures, but also likes to incorporate everyday objects like tires or matchboxes to create resonating and meaningful artwork. Truthfully, his methods of artistic expression are undoubtedly variable, and have a wide range of forms and style.
«The filter is always language or culture. So whatever you do, when you do it two minutes later, it's already changed. The world, the context has changed »
John Armleder

For instance, Apicomplexa (2013) uses common car tires as planters for splendid bushels of flowers, Sogno Infranto(2011) involves a glass formation. Armleder is well known for his work with Fluxus, an international network of artists, poets, and composers who like to experiment with their mediums and abilities. He also founded the Groupe Ecart, an independent publishing house in Geneva.

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John Armleder

Étude, 1966

Drawing / Watercolor


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John Armleder

Hazy Days, 2003

Limited Edition Print


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What is Fluxus?

What is Fluxus?

Art term taken from Latin word that means "flow-flux" . It is an international movement of designers, composers and artists popular for blending the different artistic disciplines and media during the 1960s. They have remained active in visual art, performance, design, architecture, urban planning and other artworks. Fluxus as an art term is sometimes known as inter-media. The movement continues to play a pivotal role in the definitions that art can take and be.

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Brigitte Bardot With Cigar On The Set Les Petroleuses, 1971


Mixed Media

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Robert MANGOLD | Untitled from

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Untitled From "4x4x4", 1990

Limited Edition Print


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