Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch



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Mariko Mori is a Japanese contemporary artist. Her art concept involves taking traditional Japanese culture, as well as its history, and adding futuristic components to create a final piece. Much of her work involves photography. It is common to find a futuristic theme involving cosplay costumes as the central focus of her photos.
« I am interested in circulating past iconography in the present in order to get to the future. »
Mariko Mori
Mori's photography process involves many self-portraits with hand-made costumes and thematic elements, including aliens and robots. One of her most recognized works is from an early point in her career, entitled Play With Me. She dressed up as an overly sexualized alien woman and posed in acts of every day life. Her tableau pieces often emphasize a futuristic setting meshed with the traditional role women are faced with.
« I must create the world in order to breathe in the world; I don't exist unless I create. »
Mariko Mori

Mori also explores philosophical aspects in her works of art. She expresses a deep connection to nature to help explore the concepts of consciousness, death and modern technology. Through this exploration, she has created interactive installations, such as Wave UFO.

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Mariko Mori

Sketch Of The Wave UFO , 2004

Limited Edition Print


EUR 245

Mariko Mori

Breathing Stone / Wave UFO, 2007

Sculpture / Object

Acrylic Sculpture

EUR 2,490

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What is Digital Art?

What is Digital Art?

An artistic practice or work that makes use of digital technology as a fundamental part of the creation and presentation process. Several different names have been used since 1970s to describe this process including multimedia and computer art. The digital art in itself is included in the large art umbrella called "the new media art" that has brought changes to the art industry. In fact, technology has completely transformed painting, drawing, sound/music and sculpture art into new digital forms.

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Brigitte Bardot With Cigar On The Set Les Petroleuses, 1971


Mixed Media

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Sculpture / Object


EUR 4,300

Robert MANGOLD | Untitled from

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Untitled From "4x4x4", 1990

Limited Edition Print


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