Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch



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Known best as a conceptual American artist, Robert Barry seeks to share his artistic passion through various artistic elements that include invisible forms of media. Although his artistic ideas place him in the conceptual category, Barry's passion for art flows through things that allows him to otherwise step away from what an object looks like physically and looks beyond what is seen.
« People ask me why I use words and the reason, of course, is that words talk to you. »
Robert Barry
Additionally, because his artwork is viewed as conceptual, Barry can also be seen as a Contemporary artist whose works are somewhat abstract.
« I shoot in black and white, sometimes color, sometimes if it looks good I shoot out the window of the airplanes or whatever, anything that - sometimes I secretly take secret photos, »
Robert Barry

A graduate of Hunter College Robert Barry learned under the leadership of other artists, such as William Baziotes and went on to artwork that was not only made from invisible objects but also incorporated performance elements such as carrier waves found in a radio station or inert gases found in different types of containers. Some of his most famous works that have gone on to be displayed in major art shows and museums include "Something In A Box", and "Taking Your Time" in addition to larger collections in commonly known museums.

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Robert Barry

Réflexions, 1991

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What is Performance Art?

What is Performance Art?

Performance presented within the context of fine art that is traditionally interdisciplinary. It may be scripted or unscripted, random or orchestrated carefully; spontaneous or may carefully be planned without the participation of the audience. Performance can be through the media or live and the artist performing can either be present or not. The situation can involve the four basic elements: space, performer's body/his presence through a medium, time and performer-audience relationship. Artwork constitutes actions of a group or an individual at a particular time and space.

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Brigitte Bardot With Cigar On The Set Les Petroleuses, 1971


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Untitled From "4x4x4", 1990

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