Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch



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Vito Acconci was an American multimedia artist known primarily for his work in the landscape architecture and installation genres. He has also been prolific in the fields of performance art and design. Vito Acconci started his art career in the late 1960s by using his own body as the subject for works in film, photography, video and performance. In addition to Situationism, Acconci was a pioneer of the Body Art movement, which emphasized the sexuality, physicality and endurance of the artist and in which the artist used his or her own body to make a statement.
«Architecture is not about space but about time. »
One of Vito Acconci's best known pieces in the Body Art tradition was staged in 1971 and calledSeedbed. For this installation, Acconci laid beneath a ramp in a gallery and masturbated while patrons walked overhead. He announced his fantasies about the visitors over a loudspeaker as they passed.
« I wish we could make buildings that could constantly explode and come back in different ways. The idea of a changing environment suggests that if your environment changes all the time, then maybe your ideas will change all the time. »

The purpose of Vito Acconci's work was to directly involve the public in the exhibition by creating a situation of reciprocal exchange between the visitors and artist. In the 1980s, Vito Acconci began to focus on works o Read More

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Vito Acconci

Land Of Water, 1999

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What is interactive art?

What is interactive art?

A form of art where the spectator is involved by the artist to achieve the art's purpose. This can be done by letting the visitor or observer "walk" around, in and on the art installation. Others may ask the spectator or the artist to become part and parcel of their artwork. Works in this category often feature computers, sensors and interfaces to respond to meteorological changes, heat, motion or other input types programmed by the maker to respond to by them.

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Army Of Lovers, 2008



EUR 15,400

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David Spiller

Such A Beautiful Day , 2020

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Shen Jingdong

Happy Soldier , 2011


Oil On Canvas

USD 43,700