Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


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Abramovic, Marina (Serbia, 1946)
Abts, Tomma (Germany, 1967)
Acconci, Vito (United States, 1940-2017)
Agam, Yaacov (Israel, 1928)
Ai, Weiwei (China, 1957)
Albers, Josef (Germany, 1888-1976)
Alcaraz, Jordi (Spain, 1963)
Aldridge, Miles (United Kingdom, 1964)
Alechinsky, Pierre (Belgium, 1927)
Alys, Francis (Belgium, 1959)
Amorales, Carlos (Mexico, 1970)
Anastasi, William (United States, 1933)
Ancart, Harold (Belgium, 1980)
Andersson, Mamma (Sweden, 1962)
Andre, Carl (United States, 1935)
Anuszkiewicz, Richard (United States, 1930)
Apollonio, Marina (Italy, 1940)
Appel, Karel (Netherlands, 1921-2006)
Arad, Ron (Israel, 1951)
Arakawa, Shusaku (Japan, 1936-2010)
Araki, Nobuyoshi (Japan, 1940)
Arbus, Diane (United States, 1923-1971)
Arman, Fernandez (France, 1928-2005)
Armleder, John (Switzerland, 1948)