Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


What is coulored pencil?

What is coulored pencil?

Coloured pencils have a round core of different colored pigment encased in wood or are art sticks made with only solid pigment. The pigment is held together with a binder. Drawing spreads these ingredients on a surface, transferring color in varied widths.

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Josef Felix Müller

Kreuzfahrt durch die Wasserfalle, 1983

Drawing / Watercolor

Coloured pencil

EUR 2,000

Keith Haring

Chinatown, 1982

Drawing / Watercolor

Coloured pencil

EUR 22,000

Jeff Koons

untitled, 2009

Drawing / Watercolor

Coloured pencil

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Modern Realism

Modern realism describes artwork which depicts things as they exist in reality. Because the art style followed after abstract art was developed, the art is generally painted or drawn using modern approaches while continuing to paint realistic subjects from everyday life.


Known by Neo-Geo for short, this movement uses geometric objects and shapes to create abstract artwork as a metaphor for society. It is inspired by several different styles of 20th century art forms such as minimalism and pop-art. Starting in the 1980's, Neo-geo was in response to the industrialization and commercialization of the modern world.

Systems Art

Systems Art describes a group of artists which used the structures of conceptualism and minimalism to create artwork responsive to their environment. They rejected traditional art themes and embraced aesthetic systems in experimentation with diverse media, connecting with late 1960s to early 1970s political movements.

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