Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


What is Cynical Realism?

What is Cynical Realism?

Cynical realism is the term first used in 1992 by art critic Li Xianting to describe the Beijing artist group which painted satirical social realist paintings. The group sought to depict the psychological turmoil experienced when China was struggling with new political ideology.

Artwork by Yue Minjun


Dismaland Police Van, 2015

Limited Edition Print

Digital Print on paper

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Zeng Fanzhi

Last Supper (Mask series), 2002

Limited Edition Print


EUR 25,900

Fang Lijun

Flower, 2005

Limited Edition Print


Currently Not Available

Li Wei

29 levels of freedom, 2003



Currently Not Available

Yue Minjun

Contemporary Terracota Warrior No8, 2006

Sculpture / Object


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Laser print

A Laser print is made using red, blue and green laser to expose light onto photographic silver halide paper. The exposed paper is processed with photographic chemicals to produce an archival quality print. The digital technology produces sharp images and highly uniform color.


Stone is a hard material found in the ground which is used for artistic purposes such as carving statues, creating jewelry, and assembling mosaics. Rock hunters and artists often collect interesting stones and rocks to cut, polish and use in their art work.


A production art technique primarily and commonly used in visual arts where artwork is made through assemblage of forms of different kinds to wholly create a new one. It may at times include ribbons, newspaper & magazine clipping, bits of handmade or colored papers, photographs, portions of texts and other objects.

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