Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984

106.7 X 73 inch


What is plastic?

What is plastic?

Plastic is a material consisting of synthetic or organic compounds which can be used to mold into objects. Plastics became an artwork medium in the 20th century. Plastics can be cut into shapes to make new objects, assembled in various ways, and painted with acrylics.

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Victor Vasarely

Gestalt Sin, 1970

Sculpture / Object


EUR 2,000

William Sweetlove

Cuban Cloned Penguin, 2020

Sculpture / Object


EUR 500


Sein und zeit, 1999



EUR 31,500

Rafael Jesus Soto

Permutacion, 1978

Sculpture / Object


EUR 3,320

Enrico Castellani

Superficie Bianca, 1968

Limited Edition Print


EUR 3,300

Yaacov Agam

Rainbow Torah, 1992

Sculpture / Object


EUR 1,500


Automatism refers to the process of accessing material from the unconscious or subconscious within the creative process. It is Sigmund Freud’s method used during psychoanalysis called free association. Artists valued the process for its ability to stimulate creative thought and activity.


Portmanteau word that was coined by James Seehafer, an American artist in 1992. He observed a trend among postmodern artists who mixed themes and aesthetic styles together with mass media that include pop art. This art is a development of surrealism that puts emphasis on technological effect on the image of contemporary surrealism. The difference between massurrealism and surrealism is the foundation of the later in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. 


Art movement founded by Takashi Murakami and is greatly influenced by anime and manga. The term is used to refer to the flattened forms in the Japanese animation, graphic art, fine arts and pop culture as well as the shallow nature of Japanese culture. It is an art movement that is self proclaimed and regarded as post modern.

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